How to Wear Makeup with a Face Mask and Still Look Gorgeous

You love your makeup; it makes you look breathtakingly beautiful. But you also love to stay safe with a face mask when you’re out in public, which can mess up your look. For one thing, the mask will cover your face while you’re out and about.

The worst part, these face masks are not going away anytime soon as COVID-19 still lurks around.

Does that mean you should give up your makeup?

Not at all. It’s still possible to wear your favorite makeup while wearing a mask. In fact, you want to look great with your mask on and when it comes off.

With some minor tweaks and adjustments to your makeup routine, you can still get your makeup to pop while wearing a face mask, even during a global pandemic.

6 tips for wearing makeup with a face mask

1. Prep your skin

When wearing face masks, your nose, cheeks, and lips become vulnerable to irritation and friction. Wearing face masks can lead to clogged pores and cause breakouts, trapped moisture can cause bacteria growth and infection, and give you lots of pimples in the areas covered by the mask. Makeup just worsens these effects.

So, it’s important to make sure you’re washing your face daily and following up with a good moisturizer that meets your specific skincare needs. Also, use proper exfoliators to slough off any dead skin cells, give you softer skin, lighten acne scars, and improve your skin texture. Doing this will provide the best possible canvas for whatever gorgeous makeup you want to wear.

2. Don’t skip priming

Regardless of the look you choose to rock with, you can’t afford to skip the primer. For one thing, it can be frustrating when your makeup rubs off on your face mask.

To prevent this, prime your skin before makeup if you want your makeup to last all day. Besides giving your skin a soft feel all day long, the best primers also minimize fine lines when you’re in face mask mode. Use a primer that matches your   and apply a few dabs in the morning so the rest of your makeup has the perfect canvas to stick to. This will help your makeup last longer underneath your mask.

3. Focus on your eyes

When you’re out and about, your eyes become the focal point of your face. So, it’s important to spend more of your makeup routine making them stand out as they will be on display.

Apply a highlighter over your lid so it stands as your shadow, brightens up, and makes your eyes look bigger. Be sure, however, that your eyes and highlighter match. If you prefer a subtle everyday look, use darker shades of eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyelid and use a natural one on the inner corner.

Experiment with different color schemes, shadows, and angles, and coordinate with your face mask color and texture.

4. Let your lips look and feel good

Your face mask is obviously going to cover your lips but you can still wear lip products without your mask wiping them off. We know you love bright and bold lip colors but at the end of the day, your mask will end up wearing more of your lipstick than you.

Opt for a lip balm instead of lipstick to protect your lips from chapping or choose neutral lip colors as they are less likely to result in smudging and smearing.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective lip balm and natural lip tones can be, especially when combined with some lip gloss and a complete lip care routine.

5. Stick to a light foundation

A great foundation gives you that smooth, even complexion you desire. Yet, foundation and face masks don’t mix, but your face can’t afford to go without this key product.

To successfully wear foundation all day with a mask, try to keep your foundation application light and minimal. Pick a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and shields your skin from pollution. If you need extra coverage, add more concealer, such as Chateau Rouge under your eyes to keep your under-eyes bright and fresh.

6. Take off makeup completely

Sleeping in makeup is horrible for your skin and can cause breakouts. At the end of the day, your skin needs to breathe deep and enjoy a deep clean in the shower. Even if you feel lazy, make sure you cleanse your skin and remove your makeup completely.

If you can, use two cleansers to get off every last bit of makeup and dirt that may have accumulated during the day. This way, your skin will be prepped for any evening skincare products you apply to get your skin fresh and ready to go the next morning.

Wrapping up!

With COVID-19 still lurking around, most of your face will no doubt be covered in a mask while you’re out and about. If you stick with these 6 tips for wearing makeup with a face mask, your makeup will still pop and make you look good. And before you even realize it, you’ll forget that wearing a mask because you’ll simply look good underneath that mask.

Do you still wear makeup with your masks? Let me know in the comments below! Or if you need more guidance on how to wear makeup with a face mask, contact Itapelo to book a free consultation with one of our skincare experts today.

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