About Us

ITAPELO is the leading supplier of beauty products to Licensed retail professionals in the beauty industry. We supply more than 2000 stores and distributors in the USA and more than 50 internationally. We are the ideal source for professional skin beauty products and supplies in all categories from the top manufacturers.

With more than 2,000 products in stock,we can meet any supply needs of our clients.

Our wide range of skin care products and take home beauty supply products allows our clients to expand their offerings while improving their retail and promotional performance. 

All of our beauty supplies come directly from brand-name manufacturers, ensuring that what you get from us is %100 authentic.


Refreshing Fragrances

Our Fragrances have subtle yet distinctive smell with a packs warm feel. ​

100% Natural & Organic

Our products contain the very best ingredients and nutrients.

No Harsh Chemicals

These products contain natural cleansers, masks detox and refresh skin, and the natural facial scrubs exfoliate and buff away bumps, flakes, and dullness.

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